Medical care and coordination for high-need patients.

Bring multidisciplinary care to the homes of your complex members through a risk-based partnership with Landmark.

Hero Background

Landmark Health and its affiliated medical groups partner with health plans, health systems and risk-based provider groups to bring in-home geriatric care to vulnerable patients. The company's fully employed provider groups make comprehensive, whole-person care available to your highest needs populations. Our providers are empowered through proprietary technology and analytics to pivot from population health to the individual to deliver outcomes that have been replicated nationally.


As a risk-bearing medical group, Landmark benefits when patients stay well at home. We can deliver a higher level of personalized care through a payment-for-outcomes model. Our focus on holistic, routine care and prevention results in fewer hospital admissions and helps patients live longer, more independent lives.

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Comprehensive in-home care. Image

Comprehensive in-home care.

Nationally, there is a need for a medical model that better supports the aging population and increase in complex, chronically ill patients. Landmark is one of the nation’s leading risk-based medical groups, exclusively focused on this vulnerable population. Our medical model integrates medical treatment with behavioral health, social and palliative care through fully employed multidisciplinary clinical teams.

Targeting care gaps.

As a value-based provider, we focus on long-term outcomes of members. We augment, and do not replace, existing primary care networks. Our providers facilitate care not easily addressed in a clinic-based setting, such as condition education, medication adherence, post-acute follow-up, goals-of-care conversations and beyond.

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The Landmark model.

Landmark's success is driven by close alignment of operating, clinical and financial models that are connected by a purpose-built technology and analytics platform. We take full downside risk on all assigned members, guaranteeing partners upfront value and creating the right alignment of incentives to focus on improved patient care.

Demonstrated scale and results.

With nearly 1 Million House Calls completed by Landmark across 18 states with more than 25 clients, we are a leader in providing health care in the home setting. Our expertise allows us to collaborate in a flexible manner, with shared savings models that drive value for patients and clients.


patients nationally for which Landmark bears risk


reduction in costs*


house calls

*For Landmark patients in the first six months of engagement compared to the trend in utilization for statistically matched non-engaged patients. Chu, Lihao. A House-Call program that reduces unnecessary variation in utilization and spending among patients with poly chronic conditions. Academy Health Annual Research Meeting, June 25 2018, Seattle, WA. Unpublished conference paper. Landmark Health, LLC, Huntington Beach, 2018. Print.
Demonstrated scale and results. Image

What people are saying.

"The Landmark team worked so closely with our assisted-living staff, I feel it prevented a re-hospitalization for our Landmark patient. She appreciated the Landmark visits so much, and they helped the healing process because she didn’t have to leave her home for follow-up care. All the Landmark orders were clear and all the paperwork we required was provided and precise."

Donna Edgerly, LPN, Assisted-living Facility

"With my elderly parents’ mobility problems, each time we had to bring them to the doctor, we needed to call an ambulance service. Landmark coming to my parents’ home saves time, aggravation and money."

Marcella Thompkins, Landmark Patient Caregiver

"Landmark became the battery charger that kept me going. My Landmark provider visited me and called me on the phone. Over time, I realized people do care about me."

Michael Sullivan, Landmark Patient

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